BIG NOTE. August 23, 2021

The app I’ve used in this lesson, Pro HDRX is no longer available. Until I find one equivalent, I suggest you use the Camera+2 for IOS, I’ll look for an Android equivalent and post as soon as I have that.

To use the Camera+ 2 to get the exposure right:
Make sure it’s set on auto.
Touch the screen to the side of the window.
Touch the sliders on the right side of the screen if you are in landscape, at the bottom if you are in portrait.
Move the slider to increase or decrease the exposure as you see fit.

2.1 Photos Start with the first and watch each one.

NOTE: This is the video if you have the Pro HDRX app. If you are using anything else, ignore this video!. When you open the app the first time, MAKE SURE YOU ALLOW IT TO ACCESS YOUR CAMERA PHOTOS. If you don’t you won’t be able to save to your camera roll and will have to delete the app and start all over to get it to save to your camera.

Design on a photo

2.2 Renderings

Straighten and crop on a smartphone.
2.2 Renderings, how-to with Minutes Matter
The value of cropping fabric.

A quick rendering
2.2 Rendering, the lesson